Host family Information


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Our students travel abroad for a full immersion experience. By hosting foreign students, you are an essential part of our programs, as you become the student’s “home away from home” and a big part of their new life in the UK. You can enrich their understanding of local culture and customs, and help them practice their English – they will learn expressions and slang from you, and they might even pick up your accent! Most importantly: host families and students often develop meaningful relationships that can last far beyond the duration of their stay. Our families regularly return to host foreign students again.

Hosting international students in your home involves no long-term commitments – it’s entirely flexible. It is also a nice way to supplement your income as you can rent out your spare room when and if you want. We recruit families year-round. Joining is free and subject to validation.

Click to download our brochure for host families 2020 for detailed information.

On this page you will find the requirements that we ask of families willing to offer their accommodation to an intern.


Most homestays will be a bus ride away from their college or work. The average journey time to/from school or work is 30-35 minutes by public transport.

Booking options:
-Option 1: Single room.
-Option 2: Shared room (may only be available to two students who book together).

A comfortable but usually simply furnished room should contain at least a desk and storage space for clothes. Bed linen will be provided by the host family. You (the host) will clean the room, but the student should keep it neat and tidy too by making their own bed and putting clothes away etc.

Meal plans:
– Option 1 Half board: breakfast and evening meal included daily (cooking facilities not included, access to these is at the your discretion).
– Option 2 Breakfast only: cooking facilities included but access times to these are at your discretion. Board type really most suitable for students that like to eat out in the evening.
– Option 3 Self-catering (single room only): no meals provided, full use of kitchen facilities provided by the host.

Guests should be able to do at least one washing machine load of laundry per week. We ask that the guest discuss with you if they can use your machine themselves or if you will do it for them.

Baths and Showers:
Everyone in the household needs to use the bathroom. If there is only one bathroom in the home, we ask that the guest asks you when is the best time to have a bath or shower. Towels should be normally provided by you.

We ask the guest to ask you if they are allowed to use the land line if there is one.

Internet access:
We say that wifi/internet access is available in most homestays. We ask that they ask you about this upon arrival. Please note, those booking language lessons can use free internet and wireless connection at the BSC college, or at our offices.



We will ring or email you to ask if you can accommodate an intern giving you full details of the intern looking. We will send you details by email too. You then can decide whether to host them or not. After your acceptance, we offer the intern the homestay with some details about you. The intern then decides whether to accept the homestay or not. If they do, some guests may want to phone you before arrival for a short talk. Generally, within reason, we encourage this process.


We will let you know the guest’s expected arrival time. They will normally arrive by taxi from Brighton or Hove station. We do offer a meet & greet service from the airport or station as well. During the student’s stay, any problems or concerns you may have should be reported to us as soon as possible on 01273 251271 or, in an emergency, 07817 636347 (or leave a message). If – after discussion – either party feels there is an insurmountable problem or issue, we will move the student as soon as possible. Any payments due will be made up to the date of departure. Generally given the maturity of our students (over 17) all guests should have their own key to the house.


We will let you know departure date and expected time of departure of the student.



Payment will be made to you usually by direct payment into a nominated bank account every month in advance -though we cannot guarantee the exact date this will occur, or if the amount due is for less than 1 month a pro-rata a payment around the same date as the previous month’s payment. A cheque or cash can be arranged but may not be paid immediately when the intern arrives.


We ask all are our interns to state whether they have a criminal record (as this can invalidate your house insurance) and will not send you anyone who has. Also we require that they have adequate third party insurance to cover themselves if they cause any damage to your property whilst staying in it. Equally, we do need you to ensure your insurance is valid for visitors staying in your house. A condition of signing a contract with us is that we are not liable for any damage caused to the guests property or self by your household members or contents and equally we are not liable for any damage caused by the guest to your property or household members or other guests who may be staying. You need to ensure your cover is valid for such eventualities, unlikely though they may be.

A condition of accepting payment from us for interns staying at your property is that you accept and abide by the above terms and conditions.

  Full board £160
Half board £140
Breakfast only £120
Room only £110
(Rates on a per week basis)
  Per student (twin beds) Full board £140
Per student (twin beds) Half board £120
Per student (twin beds) Breakfast only £100
Per student (twin beds) Room only £90
(Rates on a per week basis)
  Per student Full board £125
Per student Half board £105
Per student Breakfast only £85
Per student Room only £75
(Rates on a per week basis)