How the placement procedure works


On this page you will find some information on how the process of applying, securing and accepting an internship placement should a company think you are a suitable candidate.

application form placement internship in brighton


Before applying, please ensure that you are an eligible candidate! Here’s our criteria:

  • Hold an EU nationality or passport (that is not issued from the UK)
  • Be aged 17-40
  • Have a reasonably good knowledge of English
  • Be available for a minimum 3 weeks internship as an individual
  • Be available for at least 2 weeks if in a group


  1. You will need to submit an application form and pay an initial deposit. After this we will be in contact with you to discuss your requirements in more detail. To help us you will need to send us a few things: your CV (curriculum vitae) and a motivation letter by e-mail, preferably within 2 days of our first contact with you.
  2. We then send you our ‘placement acceptance’ letter by e-mail with instructions- if needed- of how to improve your CV and motivation letter, so as to help make a better impression with any potential company.
  3. We will then see if we have an immediately available company/companies in the area that you have selected and if so if they are interested in offering you a placement. If we don’t or the companies we have are unable to offer you an internship, we will look for another company in the same field, for you, who are. We will send your CV, motivation letter etc to the company and get a clear idea of the expected tasks.


When we have a company that is interested in you, they may want to speak to you (by phone). This will help you understand more about the company and the company can get a better understanding of you and your skill set. This is the time to make a good first impression, so try and make the most of it. We ask that you do some work here by preparing for an interview (maybe practicing with a friend or tutor) and look at the company information we send to you and their web site etc. At this stage, it is VERY important to check your e-mail frequently and respond to us as fast as possible. After the phone interview, assuming that the company is happy to offer you an internship placement (and you are satisfied with the offer), we will send a ‘placement contract’ by e-mail to you.

As some businesses have space for interns, if they are happy that your profile matches their needs, they may offer you an internship placement without a phone interview. If you do not need to have an interview, we will simply send you information about the interested company and a short job description.

If you are not satisfied with the offer, we will continue searching for a suitable internship placement. We will do this for you to a maximum of three internship offers. As we do not offer different internship placement offers at the same time, we suggest that you are decisive and take the first one offered if it feels right.

At this point we will issue a full invoice for the internship placement to you, along with any other services ordered and you will need to pay in full immediately for all the services you have booked up with us.